3 Best Places for LED Lighting in Your Home

by Adhecogen

Lighting has come a long way and now it’s easier than ever to install new lighting systems in a home. There are also many options available and these lights can be installed anywhere, any time. While LED lights are good idea for the entire home, we have narrowed down the 3 best places to install them as a priority.

Top of Stairs

This is one of the best places to install smart lighting. You’ll be able to light up the stairs and the hall during the early morning rush to get to work or during the late night trek to get a bite to eat. You’ll be able to turn off all of the lights downstairs while still being able to make your way around the upper level.


Setting up a smart lighting system in the bathroom is a great idea. Combine the lighting with a proximity or motion sensor so that the lights turn on automatically when someone approaches a room and turn them off when somebody leaves. This is the best way to ensure that nobody getting up in the middle of the night forgets to turn off the bathroom light.


Use LED smart lighting outside to keep your home safe and secure all year round. Keep the critters at bay and let others know that your home is occupied, even if you’re on a vacation miles away. This type of lighting should be installed both at the front and at the back of the home. The lights can be powered up and dimmed directly from your smart phone.

Smart LED lighting systems can make your life a lot easier no matter where they are installed around the home. Learn more about LED lights by visiting our website today at adhecogen.com.

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  • Sep 04 2018
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