3 Ways Ecogen Lights Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save You Money

by Adhecogen

If you’re looking to create an affordable and sustainable strategic lighting plan than Ecogen can help you. We are Southern Ontario’s leading energy efficient lighting company dedicated to providing the best LED commercial and street lighting fixtures. As Partners in Project Green, a group of GTA corporations, institutions and government bodies, who work together to create sustainable business practices and reduce waste, we know how to make environments green again. Here is how you can join the initiative too.


  1. Use LED Lights

Almost 1/5 of our carbon footprint is the consumption of fossil fuel sourced lighting. To reduce your carbon footprint, you should start installing LED lights. These lights last up to 55,000 hours, which is more than twice that of traditional lighting. Avoid the use of mercury and lead in your bulbs that create a toxic environment!


  1. Pick From the Ecogen Product Line for Longevity

Our lights beat out our competitors because they last longer; and we provide the best warranties. Our Roadway street lights are all on the DesignLights Consortium list so that you can receive rebates of up to 50% on your installations from the Canadian Government and save up to 70% on your electricity bill when installing Ecogen lights.


  1. Combine LED Lights with Solar Panels

When you install LED lights you also have a choice of using solar panels. Solar panels are a green source of power.  A great feature about the panels is that they don’t create greenhouse gases or nuclear waste. Nuclear waste must be stored for over 100,000 years, otherwise, it can cause harm and be very dangerous to our health. Help our planet by eradicating the need for nuclear waste and storage by using Ecogen street and roadway lighting.


Ecogen works to give you the most affordable rates by creating fixtures that meet the Canadian tax rebate program. If you would like some more information on Canada’s leading energy efficient lighting company than call us at (905) 282-0881. To learn more about our LED commercial and street lighting product lines, please email one of our representatives at sales@adhecogen.com.


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  • Aug 22 2016
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