4 Lesser-Known Facts about LEDs

by Adhecogen

LED lights are the wave of the future. There is simply no denying it. They are an energy efficient option for homeowners, small businesses and large corporations. They can be used to light up large buildings and public spaces and have a maintenance-free lifespan of approximately 25,000 hours or more. While you may know some general information about LEDs, here are some lesser-known facts about them and some specifics about their uses and functionality.

  1. LEDs Stay Cool

LEDs don’t heat up like regular incandescent bulbs. The energy used to create light with an LED bulb is not wasted in heat. Approximately 90% of the energy used by an incandescent bulb is converted to heat. You can experience brighter light and won’t have to worry about your two-year-old child knocking over the lamp and creating a fire. This, in itself, is one of the best reasons to invest in LED lights around the home.

  1. Save on Energy Costs

It’s worth your time to actually sit down and figure out the savings that you’ll experience when you make the switch over to LED bulbs. Many people haven’t yet switched over to these types of bulbs because of the initial cost outlay. Yes, LEDs do cost more but they use approximately 80% less energy than regular bulbs. This is a huge cost saving that you can actually see on your Hydro bill once you start using these lights exclusively.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

LEDs don’t contain any mercury and are less harmful for the environment. Regular incandescent lights shouldn’t be thrown out in the garbage and should be sent to the waste management centre in your local area instead. Most people don’t take the time to discard their incandescent light bulbs properly and the bulbs that do end up at the landfill release toxic mercury. This is our chance to make a difference and by switching over to LEDs you’ll be leaving a smaller carbon footprint on this planet.

  1. Less Maintenance

LED bulbs generally last more than 25x longer than traditional bulbs with a maintenance-free lifespan of approximately 25,000 hours. If you are keeping a light on 24/7 this bulb can be expected to last about 3 years. Just imagine how many lightbulbs you’d have to replace within this same time period if you were using traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights.

It’s time to make the switch over to LEDs today. You’ll see savings right off the bat and won’t have to waste time changing light bulbs on a regular basis. To find out more about LEDs and how easy it can be to make the switch over to them, please call us at (905) 282-0881 or view our online catalogue today.

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  • Jun 14 2017
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