5 Reasons Why you need to switch to LED lighting

by Adhecogen


You often read about how LED lighting is the future and how you should make the transition to LED lighting, but you generally don’t read about why LED lighting is better. Usually when talking about LED lighting most people point out that it’s very energy efficient, but there’s actually a lot more benefits! Adhecogen specializes in LED lighting and is determined to share and help transition to sustainable LED lighting. Here are a few reasons why you should make the change today:

  1. Long lifespan
    LED lights have an extremely long lifespan. Lights such as the Dimmable LED Troffer have a lifespan of 7 years at 100% usage. Incandescent light bulbs have a general lifespan of 1,500 hours.
  1. Energy efficient
    When comparing to traditional lighting LED lights are generally 80%-90% more efficient, meaning your bill will be cheaper for the same amount of usage.
  1. LED Lights are ecologically friendly
    Unlike traditional lights, LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. Most fluorescent lights contain toxins such as mercury, which is bad for the environment. LED lights do not contain any of these materials and are 100% recyclable.
  1. They’re durable
    LED lights are extremely durable and can withstand a variety of conditions. Because of their durability, they make great outdoor lights that can withstand the elements.
  1. No UV emissions
    LED lights don’t produce UV emissions. They are especially necessary in areas where items are susceptible to heat, as they won’t damage the item.

These reasons are just some of the benefits of transitioning to LED lighting. LED lighting has many benefits, which make it the perfect lights for home, office and industrial uses. To help make the transition to LED lighting contact us today at 905-282-0881 and let our Ecogen specialists help you upgrade your commercial space to ecologically efficient lighting.

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  • Jun 30 2016
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