5 S Workplace program.

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5S Workplace Program

5S is a workplace program that is used to organize spaces, so workers can do their jobs safely, effectively, and efficiently. It concentrates on keeping the spaces clean in work areas so that employees can perform their functions in a timely fashion without the risk of injury. It is used at ADHECOGEN manufacturing sectors for commercial lighting and custom hardware components.

This term was derived from the following 5 Japanese words:

  • Seiri
  • Seiton
  • Seiso
  • Seiketsu
  • Shitsuke

These words can be translated into English as:

  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

This is a 5-step process with each S representing a step that can help improve the efficiency of a business.

The History of 5S
The history of 5S started in Japan with the Toyota Motor Company and was implemented into its production system during the middle of the 20th century. It is also known as Lean Manufacturing and its goal is to provide more value to customers in terms of services and products. The best way to do this is to eliminate waste during the manufacturing process. It works by organizing a facility and streamlining the work as much as possible.

Commercial Lighting and the 5S Program

Here is a breakdown of how the 5S program is used for production purposes in any type of company including the manufacturing and delivery of commercial lighting Toronto:

Sort – This is the first stage of the process and it involves taking an inventory of all the equipment, materials, furniture, and tools to determine what is needed in different areas. Anything that is not required can be removed from the space.

Set in Order – Once the excess has been removed it’s easier to put things into order. Work groups should decide on strategies to put things in place.

Shine – This third step involves cleaning up the area thoroughly by mopping, wiping services down, dusting etc. This step also includes basic maintenance for machinery and equipment and a plan should be constructed to keep preventative maintenance as a priority.

Standardize – Everything that has been done so far should be systemized so that the area remains uncluttered and clean. This is the best way to put order into the various sections of a commercial lighting Toronto company. A system is something that can be implemented easily when all employees understand what is expected of them.

Sustain – This term refers to sustaining all the above in the form of action. Everyone in the organization should be involved in the process. Sustaining different areas is a long-term goal that must be reached by commercial lighting Toronto companies to deliver the highest quality of products and services.

B2B Custom Design Manufacturing Solutions

ADHECOGEN is a B2B Custom design manufacturing solution for office furniture and Patio door hardware industries and LED Lighting producer and supplier for commercial industries based in Canada.
We implement the 5S strategy at our workplace so that we can offer the best LED solutions and hardware components for Office furniture and Patio door hardware industries at an affordable price.
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