Aluminum versus Zinc Alloy Die Casting

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Aluminum versus Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Die casting is a manufacturing process that is versatile and cost-effective. It is a procedure that requires precision, and it consists of injecting melted metal into a mound or a die using high pressure. Dies are usually made with quality, long-lasting stainless steel. Both aluminum and zinc can be used in the manufacturing process for a variety of different needs including LED Street lighting and various parts for Patio door hardware handles and office furniture components.

Once the metal has cooled and solidified the completed product is ejected from the die and is then finished or machined. Designs can range from simple to complex with intricate details. When a large number of castings are needed, this is the best way to get them done since the die casting can be done over and over again with amazing accuracy. In terms of LED Street lighting Toronto, many of the parts required can be manufactured this way.

Commercial Lighting

Die casting is used not only for commercial lighting but for office furniture, patio doors and windows. We supply parts to companies in these industries and we also offer high-end commercial lighting to any type of business.

Aluminum Vs Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Every alloy comes with its own set of mechanical and physical properties, which determines the finished product’s functionality, strength and longevity. Zinc and aluminum are two of the most common alloys used for die casting.

Zinc Alloys

Zinc alloys are commonly used for components that have thin wall sections and extremely intricate details. Zinc is one of the heaviest alloys used in the industry and is the perfect material for casting miniature parts. Of all the alloys that are commonly used, zinc is highly considered to be the easiest one to work with since it has a melting temperature that is lower than many others. This is important because the finished component has a smoother surface once it has been ejected from the die.

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum has a melting temperature that is higher than zinc but it is the most commonly used metal in the industry. It is an alloy that is economical and is often used for casting projects when a high volume of parts is necessary. Aluminum is lightweight so it is often mixed with other metals including copper, magnesium or silicon. Aluminum also offers high electrical and thermal conductivity and is easier to machine than a lot of other materials.

Die Casting and LED Street Lighting Company

At ADHECOGEN we use both aluminum and zinc for die casting parts. As a B2B Custom Design Manufacturing Solution provider based in Toronto, we also specialize in die casting for businesses working in the window, patio door and furniture industries. If you have a project in mind and need high quality components for it, please visit our website at Fill in the contact form and we will get respond as quickly as possible.

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