Be smart with your resources – High quality, sustainable lighting solutions for medical facilities

by Adhecogen

In healthcare facilities, practitioners need a reliable source of lighting that can deliver clean, bright light and accurate colour to assist them in diagnosis and treatment. Besides, the lighting has to promote a sense of warmth, calmness and wellness for patients. Not to mention that the lights in healthcare facilities have to run for 24/7, and energy saving is one of the top priorities in the operation of healthcare facilities. Conventional lighting products such as incandescent and fluorescent lights cannot meet all these needs. After running for a while, incandescent and fluorescent lights become prone to faults, flickering and use up a lot of energy. Today, it’s essential for medical facilities to find high quality and sustainable lighting solutions to ensure a high standard working environment for healthcare workers while maintaining cost efficiency and energy saving.

LED lighting products provide cutting-edge solutions for the needs of healthcare facilities. Providing near full spectrum light, LED lighting products can offer the best lighting quality to assist practitioners in normal tasks to high-demand situations. For patients, the full spectrum light range of LED lights are the closest to simulating daylight, which will help patients stay awake or restfully sleep.

Besides the quality of lighting, LED lighting has been proven to perform much better than the conventional lighting products in terms of energy efficiency, disposal costs and maintenance cost. Studies found that although LED fixtures have a higher initial cost, they consume much less energy than fluorescent fixtures. Moreover, LED fixtures require less maintenance costs. In a long run, LED fixtures turn out to save more costs than the fluorescent or incandescent alternatives.

To get the best benefits from using LED lighting, you should consider the following factors:

  • Will your lighting methods be used 24/7?
  • How will the lighting change between laboratories, surgical theatres, patient rooms or outdoor areas?
  • What kind of impression you want to create for your facilities: bright, clean, professional, warm etc.?
  • What is your initial set up budget for LED lighting?

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  • Jan 12 2016
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