Campground LED Commercial Lighting

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Campground LED Commercial Lighting

Campgrounds are a safe sanctuary to visit away from the city so it’s important to keep them secure with the proper lighting. You may require different types of lights for various areas and we can provide you with everything you need. When you have a campground, you can count on us to be your LED commercial lighting Toronto supplier.

Watching the sunset when camping is one of life’s simple pleasures but when the sun starts to go down, visibility gets reduced. Campers need to have lighting available so that they can make their way around outside. If the camper has to struggle in order to see a metre in front of himself, this becomes a safety issue and you as a campground owner would be liable if any accident should occur.

Commercial Lighting for Campground Pathways

All pathways leading into, out of and around the campground should be lit appropriately. Our commercial lighting Toronto company provides a number of different options for campground pathway lighting including silicon flexible lights. They are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes and they can be altered to meet any pathway design.

Campground LED Commercial & street lighting

Flood Lighting

Our high performance 360 series lights include park, street, tunnel, canopy, high bay and street lights. The 360 park light design offers premium quality lighting with a Meanwell driver and Nichia LEDs. The energy savings for this light are approximately 70% when compared to other traditional alternatives.

Our tunnel light is perfect for areas where the trees form a large canopy that would be similar to a tunnel. These lights help to promote efficiency and safety and can also be used in any underpass areas in the campground.

Parking Lot Lighting

Our parking lot lighting solutions also feature a Meanwell driver and Nichia LEDs and provide more than 30,000 1m luminous flux, which is the highest we offer. They are self-driven and can be remotely controlled and fully dimmed. They are the best lights for parking lots and come with a 10 year warranty.

Commercial Lighting

The 360 concept for LED lighting is one of the leading designs available in terms of quality, performance and efficiency. The advanced system for heat management ensures that the LEDs live out their expected lifespan. Heat is distributed efficiently through a number of heat sink bars with innovative airflow systems that make the best use of natural ventilation.

Flexible solutions have been built into the 360 design concept. The product parts can be interchanged easily as necessary. You can reduce or add the amount of modules so that you end up with the desired wattage. As well, if you ever run into a problem with a single module bar, it can easily be replaced.

When you need campground LED lighting to keep all campers safe and secure, please visit our website now at You can also give us a call at (905) 282-0881 to discuss your specific needs. We are a trusted source of commercial lighting in Toronto and have specialists available to answer any questions you may have.

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