Custom design Manufacturing Solutions – Zinc and Aluminum Die casting parts

by Adhecogen

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Aluminum and zinc are two of the most widely used metals in the manufacture of various products, both industrial and household. The strength, low cost and malleability of these metals make them very useful. There are several ways of casting these metals, although the best is die-casting.

Why is die-casting the best method to manufacture zinc and aluminum parts?

Aluminum and zinc die-casting is a highly inexpensive method, especially when it is necessary to produce many identical parts. The moulds are capable of lasting from 60,000 to 100,000 domains created.

Another advantage of this method is the accuracy of the process. Each piece is identical to the previous one, thus avoiding failures in the production process. The steps in this process can be much more complex and of varying thickness.

How is the die-casting process performed?

The die casting process involves injecting molten metal with low melting points, such as zinc and aluminum, into the die casting mould and allowing it to cool. This process lowers production costs and makes manufacturing parts much more efficient. The mould is made of steel, which has a higher melting temperature and does not melt during the process.

Components for LED lights and other equipment

Outdoor lighting: The large number of parts required for street lighting makes this method the most feasible to manufacture. It is possible to customize the pieces of components for LED lights– all according to the customer’s needs. Combining LED lights with die-cast parts makes street lighting much cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Traffic lights: Aluminum alloys and casting dies are an excellent way to create lighting enclosures and other parts for traffic lights. This metal is inexpensive, lightweight, and a good conductor with solid thermal properties. Cast aluminum housings are much more robust than plastic housings for hurricane and high wind storm locations.

Medical devices: There is a need to lower the production costs of medical devices, thus making quality health care more accessible to more people. With this process, you can reduce the cost of medical devices while ensuring the accuracy of each part.

Telecommunications: It is well-known that telecommunication services are becoming cheaper, mainly due to the large-scale die-casting of parts. Large quantities of identical parts are needed for telecommunications equipment, so it is always convenient to manufacture them cheaply, accurately and quickly.

What custom component services does ADHEcogen offer?

Office Furniture Hardware: ADHEcogen offers customized hardware solutions for the office furniture industry. In today’s ever-changing workplace, flexible and scalable solutions are critical to an organization’s success. The furniture’s hardware components should reflect the culture and create a platform to enrich productivity.

Windows and sliding patio doors: ADHEcogen offers two custom hardware solutions for the patio door and window hardware industries. Our high-quality patio door and window handle sets feature sleek, sturdy and customer-customized designs. They come in a variety of finishes, both architectural and powder coated.

Smart Cabinet E-Locks: ADHEcogen offers a variety of electronic lock products that are suitable for numerous applications; locker rooms, office cabinets, drawers, school lockers, sauna lockers and gym lockers.

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