Custom Design Patio Door Hardware and Handles

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ADH Ecogen's Custom Design Patio Door Hardware & Handles

Custom Design Patio Door Hardware and Handles

Enter your home with style! At ADHECOGEN we will show you how you can open a whole new world of style possibilities in door handles and hardware. We produce tooling and custom design patio door handles and hardware per our client’s design that is on the cutting edge of technology that reflects your needs and style.

Find the Right Manufacturing Services Partner

The right manufacturer for your door handles and door hardware will reflect on the overall quality of your finished product. When you have a manufacturer that delivers its orders on time, you will build up a solid reputation with your customers. After all, when you are working within a certain timeframe, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of the available hardware you need at your disposal.

When it comes to the future success of your business, finding the best manufacturer is key. Take the time to find the best B2B manufacturing services company for the handles and hardware for your patio doors. No matter how good your ideas are and how well you have created a website, your whole business can fall apart if you do not have a good manufacturer that you can trust.

One of the best decisions you can make is to source your products from a Canadian based ADHECOGEN.

We provide superior quality products and services to our world-class customer base. We operate and maintain a Quality Management System and continuously improve the effectiveness of our processes to deliver business objectives. We design mold and tooling for office furniture and window, patio door hardware industries. We execute this through contract manufacturing to provide cost-effective services in Canada and internationally.

Overseas Versus Domestic Manufacturers

When you keep your business at home, it will be easier to communicate since you won’t have to deal with a language barrier, and you’ll be sharing the same time zone. Shipping is less expensive and faster and there are usually more options for payment available. We basically manage and control the entire manufacturing and supply chain for your requirements.

At ADHECOGEN  we offer elite, manufacturing solutions and we deliver your products on budget and on schedule. You can expect 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for components that must be delivered quickly or need assistance from our expert project managers or engineering team, we are here to help.

ADH Ecogen's Hardware Solutions for Sliding Patio Doors and Windows

Hardware Solutions for Sliding Patio Doors and Windows

We have 2 customized solutions for window and patio door hardware. Our custom designed handle sets feature elegant, robust, and sleek designs in a number of different finishes. They are powder and architectural-coated and undergo intensive quality inspections to make sure that you receive the highest quality products. You can expect the best when you work with us.

Learn more about patio door handles and hardware for sliding patio doors and windows by visiting our website now at

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