Custom designed metal fabrication parts for office furniture systems

by Adhecogen

Custom designed metal parts
office furniture handle

Manufacturing custom designed fabrication parts are necessary to create office furniture.

A company’s office furniture system directly impacts the quality of work being produced. Good furniture improves working conditions and makes employees more comfortable and productive. However, it is essential to calculate the costs of such furniture; that’s why custom designed metal parts may be ideal when you want to reduce costs. Custom designed metal parts are serialized and adjusted in production to ensure that parts are compatible with the originating furniture manufacturing company.

In addition to reduced cost, custom designed metal parts give furniture manufacturers more creative freedom, making it possible to implement more innovative ideas. In this way, production is more comprehensive than standardized models.

What is the manufacturing process of custom designed metal parts?

Prior to the manufacturing phase, parts are digitally designed in a 3D modelling software. Digital 3D modelling is the most efficient and accurate way to model custom designed metal parts. This is because 3D software aids with scale and allows 3D designers to match custom parts to other pieces of the existing office furniture. 3D modelling software can also help make the planning process more straightforward and cheaper, for example, selecting materials and estimating the production cost.

Once the custom part is modelled on the software, the next step is to invert the design so that a mold can be created. The mold will be made of a type of metal, like steel, that can withstand higher temperatures than the material for the actual part. Once the mold is made, the part can be manufactured with a die casting process.

In the die casting process, the mold is injected with a metal alloy previously melted in a furnace under pressure. Once the metal has hardened, the mold is opened, and the blank is removed. This is followed by finishing, which can be done manually or mechanized by artificially intelligent equipment.

Advantages of die casting for custom designed metal parts

Good product quality: Custom designed metal parts are accurate in sizing and design.They are also made out of high-quality and sturdy metal alloy.

High production efficiency: Die casting machines have high productivity, reaching 3000 to 7000 pieces production in an 8-hour working day. The molds and machinery have a long service life which increases the efficiency of the process, making production much easier to automate.

Excellent economical results: Due to the size of the die castings, the surface is shiny and clean, making finishing less costly. Serial assembly saves time and labour. Fast, efficient, and large-scale production is cheaper than handmade production. Sales costs are reduced by lowering production costs so customers can obtain products at a lower price.

What elements make up office furniture systems?

The furniture for an office varies, and several elements are essential for a comfortable working environment. Although the basic materials of office furniture systems are made of wood or polymers, most need metal parts during construction.

Chairs, for example, have metal parts that improve their ergonomics; to make them more comfortable and easier to use during long working days. Although the tables can only be made of wood or polymer, they have metal parts that make them more resistant.

Shelves and bookcases are furniture pieces that also need metal parts. The drawers and doors of shelves need hinges usually have a lot of wear because of daily use and friction. Lamps, lighting and windows use metal parts. For this reason, it is impossible to imagine an office without metal parts.

ADHECOGEN offers services in custom designed metal fabrication parts so that you can obtain all the metal elements needed for your office furniture systems.