Decorative LED Linear Commercial Lighting for High-Rise Buildings

by Adhecogen

Decorative LED Linear Commercial Lighting for High-Rise Buildings

At ADHEcogen we specialize in LED linear commercial lighting and technology that can be used for high-end architectural projects. We are uniquely positioned to provide a complete LED package of commercial lighting for both exterior and interior applications for high-rise buildings.

When you want your building to stand out from all others, LED linear commercial lighting designs are the perfect choice. Linear lighting uses many LEDs that are packed together in a narrow, long housing that creates a light strip. This concept has revolutionized the lighting for high-rise buildings and their facades across the GTA.

Commercial Lighting Using Linear Lighting

Buildings can use commercial lighting in the form of linear lighting to create straight or curved profiles. Eye-catching style designs using geometric images can be produced across the facade of the building to make a bold presentation. Many companies also choose to simply apply linear lighting to a logo on the building while shining an LED light from the ground up onto the high-rise in a variety of colours. This also creates a spectacular effect. These are just 2 examples of the many ways that commercial lighting with linear lights can make your building stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Commercial Lighting for Marketing Purposes

You can turn your high-rise building into a marketing and advertising asset using LED linear lights. This form of commercial lighting will turn heads and advertise your brand to the masses. When you use commercial lighting in this way, you are putting your company building to use and are able to make the most of it.

About LED Linear Commercial Lighting

Our LED linear commercial lighting gives you the freedom to design decorative lighting for both outdoor and indoor use. A consistent intensity of light can be created horizontally or vertically using a bendable strip of LED lights. These strips can follow any type of organic shape used in contemporary architectural concepts.

The linear lighting is customizable, waterproof and comes in a variety of different colours. They can be dimmed as necessary and are also resistant to salt mist and UV rays. They have been produced using a high performance silicone and can be used creatively as an integral part of any architectural design.

Our commercial lighting specialists are available to answer any questions you may have regarding this type of lighting. We have a wide variety of LED linear strip lighting available including the Neon Galaxy Series, which is perfect for walls, handrails and coves. This series offers many colour options so that you can find the best LED linear lighting strip for any type of application.

Feel free to call us at (905) 282-0881 any time to get your questions answered regarding commercial lighting for high-rise buildings. We provide the highest quality LED lighting available and our experts can give you the advice you need to get started. You can also contact us through the contact form on our website at