EcoGEN LED Flexible Strip Lighting

by Adhecogen

EcoGEN LED Flexible Strip Lighting

This type of lighting is suitable for both exterior and interior applications on residential or commercial buildings. The use of LED supposed to lights is quickly rising in terms of building design on a global level. These simple lights are more efficient, greater and are easy to install. When it comes to LED Flexible Strip lighting, you have a number of different options available and when it  comes to the time to decide, which one is best for you, there are different things that should be considered.

Flexible Neon Lighting

The flexible neon series offers the following features:

  • Low heat emissions
  • Low-voltage and low energy consumption
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cuttable and flexible
  • Diffused lines of light

These lights can be used for illuminated advertising and signage, railings, on walls, for different sorts of luminaires and much more.

Silicon Flexible LED Neon Moonlight Series

These lights come with all of the features listed above but they are also dimmable and are equipped with PWM technology.

Silicon Flexible LED Neon BrightStar Series

Like the Moonlight series, the BrightStar series is also available in different sizes and provides the same features mentioned in the neon lighting listing above. They are available in different colours and are also dimmable. They are perfect for walls, ceilings, facades, accent lighting, cove, machine, and path lighting.

Silicon Flexible LED Neon Galaxy Series

These lights are available in different sizes and colours and they are easy to alter for any design. They can be used for handrails, walls, coves, for illuminated advertising and signage, as luminaires and for much more.Find out more information about our flexible LEDs lighting and see pictures of them in use by visiting now.

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  • Jul 23 2019
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