Ecogen: The Best Lighting for Residential Condos

by Adhecogen

BEFORE  Condo Lighting retrofit. Before

AFTER     LED & commercial street lighting

If you’re a property manager or building owner, you want your estate to look modern, up to date and welcoming. One way to do this is by replacing your old dreary lights for bright new ones. A condominium lighting retrofit is good if you want to save money over the long haul, and improve the design and aesthetics of your building, while creating a more open and accessible area. You can also help protect the environment by choosing lighting fixtures that are created, packaged, and designed sustainably.


Save Money

When you choose to do a condominium lighting retrofit and install LED lights, your savings grow substantially. At Ecogen, we can provide you an assessment to see how much you can save on your upcoming electricity bills, as well as advise you on submitting a rebate to the Ontario Government so you can get your money back in a reasonable time. Our LED lights require no maintenance and come with a great warranty.

Enhance Condo Design

Many residential apartments use metal halide bulbs to outfit their buildings. Their colour temperature is very low and so the bulbs are usually yellow or orangey. A colour like yellow that lies towards the end of the Kelvin scale can make a residence look very dark and dreary.  Choosing to install white lighting fixtures can create a stylish and more contemporary look for your residence.

Protect the Environment

Installing LED lights in your public corridors is a great way to help the environment. Metal halide and T12 bulbs contain mercury, so when these bulbs are broken they can cause serious harm to the environment, particularly if they aren’t disposed of correctly. Mercury can damage the nervous system, kidneys and brain functions of animals and humans alike, and can decimate ecosystems. Using LED lights is the best alternative. LED lights don’t contain mercury and they also help save on CO₂ emissions which reduces the impact of global warming.

If you are interested in doing a condominium lighting retrofit, Adhecogen can help. As an LED & commercial street lighting company focused on energy efficient lighting, we can do the calculations, file the rebate and install the fixtures. Our lights fixtures require zero maintenance and their bulbs last more than 50,000 hours. To learn more about our product line and services please contact (905) 282-0881 or email

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  • Aug 08 2016
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