Effective Document Control Systems in the Manufacturing of Commercial Lighting

by Adhecogen

Effective Document Control Systems in the Manufacturing of Commercial Lighting

Document control systems must be put into place in order to follow quality programs and practices involving lean manufacturing for commercial lighting. This is imperative to ensure that the manufacturing processes are ISO compliant. It also helps the business improve its efficiency.

Document and Quality Control
Products can be brought into the market faster when an effective document control system is put into place. Document control standards can be brought to a higher level when managing the following:

  • Training documents for the workforce
  • Work instructions
  • Document revisions
  • Authorization approvals
  • Notifications
  • Compliance reports
  • Equipment maintenance records
  • Shipping documents
  • Orders placed
  • Much more

Client Management for Commercial Lighting Manufacturing

A proven document management system will keep a running record of all of the company’s client documents, project records and communications. This is one of the key elements of client management for manufacturers of commercial lighting since everything can be stored in one place and accessed immediately when new orders are placed. Streamlining the system this way allows manufacturers to keep track of orders and helps to ensure that delivery times are being met.

Records and Auditing Management
All ISO certifications can be filed on the cloud using an effective document control system. This will ensure that all manufacturing procedures are conforming to compliance and regulatory requirements. A searchable repository of electronic and scanned paper documents helps to save time during the auditing process. It’s a lot faster to audit documents electronically versus having to audit them manually.

Document management for manufacturing provides secure access to manufacturing and quality control records since everything is stored on the cloud. There is no safer way to store documents for commercial lighting / custom design components manufacturing than to keep them on the cloud. The documents must be protected at all costs to preserve the reputation of the business and to ensure client confidentiality.

Manufacturer Shipping Documents
Without a defined document management system, it is difficult to keep track of everything that is occurring along the manufacturing supply chain. In order to keep lean management at an all-time high, there must be an effective system in place for document storage. All aspects of the business must be streamlined in order to see the valuable final product of lean manufacturing practices.

All of the shipping details can be stored in one place for all clients so that they can be pulled up at a moment’s notice when a customer requests information about an estimated shipping date. Vendors will have different shipping requests, and all of this can be filed and documented using one simple system.

Commercial Lighting Company Best Practices

At ADHECOGEN we follow all of the best practices for manufacturing and delivering our products. This includes following lean manufacturing guidelines as well as electronic document storage that is safe and secure. We understand that document control gives the company a bird’s eye view of the operations and that in order to successfully run a company. All documentation must be easily accessible in order to provide the highest quality products and the fastest delivery times.

To find out more about our company and the wide range of LED Lighting products and Custom design components and LED Street lighting, please visit us at https://www.adhecogen.com/.

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