Energy Efficient Lighting for Educational Institutions

by Adhecogen

Energy Efficient Lighting for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions including universities, secondary schools, primary schools and specialty schools all have their unique challenges when it comes to lighting. The environment in a classroom requires an overall evaluation of the natural light that is streaming in from windows, an assessment of the tasks that will be done in the room and an examination of how technology has been integrated into the school. Whiteboards and computers should be considered to be a factor when creating the best strategy for energy efficient lighting for educational institutions.

Energy Savings for LED Ontario Commercial Lighting for Schools

When it comes to LED lighting, there is no better way to save money than with Ontario commercial lighting. LEDs don’t have to be replaced as often as fluorescent lights that have been traditionally used throughout classrooms. LED lights can last 10,000 hours or longer and they require much less energy than fluorescent lights without any of the flickering issues that are common to fluorescent bulbs.

Surface Mounted LED Lights for Schools

One of the most effective ways to achieve the best lighting in the general spaces, offices and classrooms in the schools is with surface mounting LED lights. The illumination is evenly distributed and it’s relatively easy to get the lights mounted, which will also help to save on costs.

LED Dimming Lights

A dimming feature is available for LED Ontario commercial lighting, which is especially important in classrooms or other areas where electronic whiteboards or television screens are set up. This helps to maximize the usability of the lights by reducing glare and limiting eye strain that extended screen use can often cause.

Linear Lighting LEDs for Classrooms

Our series of linear LED lighting has become a popular option for schools. It offers lights that can be used for a general purpose or to highlight certain sections of the classroom. The linear LED lights can be mounted in different ways including suspended, surface-mounted or recessed. They are also available with dimmable options when the classroom has electronics such as whiteboards, TV screens or computers set up.

Provides the Perfect Learning Opportunity

Children have been learning about climate change and the benefits of using less energy to save the planet. One of the best ways to demonstrate to children that going green is possible in any situation is to show that your school is on board with the program. This is the perfect learning opportunity since it teaches by example. Children of all ages can learn what it means to cut down the expenses for the operation of the school and how this can turn into more facilities and educational materials for the students.

Commercial Lighting Company

The children are our future so it’s important to work with an established and reputable commercial lighting company to upgrade your existing school lighting with LED options. Energy-efficient lighting for educational institutions should be considered to be a top priority when cutting costs is important. At ADHEcogen our commercial lighting company offers upgrading solutions that provide better quality light for less cost. Visit our website now for more details at

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