Energy Efficient Lighting For Offices By EcoGEN

by Adhecogen

Lighting is a major energy consumer. So whether you’re constructing a new office building or upgrading lighting at your existing location, investing in energy efficiency is one way to cut operational costs without a direct impact on the occupants of the building.

Indeed, given the rapid advancement of the lighting industry and the continuing decreases in product prices, companies today have many options for lighting technology including halogen incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED lighting. However, energy-efficient lighting offers additional benefits. For example, LED (light-emitting diode) products offer more energy-saving opportunities and come in a variety of styles and functionalities to provide flexibility for your office design and business.

In addition to reducing energy costs, good lighting also shows your company in a new light. After all, lighting doesn’t just illuminate. It also defines your company’s identity and affects its image. Not to mention that office lighting also affects how people feel. For example, reducing glare and gloom is likely to have positive impacts on occupant satisfaction and performance. In effect, efficient lighting improves concentration and aids a healthy attitude to work.


– Are you trying to reduce operating costs?

– Do you want to reduce your office’s carbon footprint?

– Do you want to make a change in how your office looks?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place. With a commitment to develop new lighting solutions to inspire and help everyone lead a greener life, EcoGEN carries an extensive range of high quality LED lighting products for interior and exterior commercial lighting. For offices, our Edge Lit LED Flat Panel Lights and LED Troffer are particularly popular. The benefits include:

1. A life expectancy of 50, 000 hours (or 16 years)

2. Energy savings of up to 50%

3. Low installation, maintenance and control costs

4. RoHS compliant

5. 5 year warranty

6. Fully dimmable and compatible with building controls and motion sensors

7. Advanced lighting distribution and architectural styling

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  • Nov 04 2015
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