FAQs about LED Street Lighting Ontario

by Adhecogen

Led street lighting Ontario
LED street lighting Toronto

FAQs about LED Street Lighting Ontario

As more and more cities and municipalities make the switch over to LED street lighting Ontario, you may have several questions about LED lighting and whether it is better than the traditional lighting we have been used to. Here are the most frequently asked questions about LED street lighting along with their answers:

What Is the Meaning of ‘Well Designed’ Lighting?

You may have heard this term applied to LED street lighting Ontario. Lighting that is ‘well designed’ refers to lighting that addresses certain considerations like security, glare control, alertness, safety, visibility, lighting zones, colour discrimination and the impact it will have on neighbouring properties. It also takes into account the local habitat and the protection of it in national parks and preserves. When the proper intensity, optics and spectrum of lighting are used, the area is properly lit without negative effects such as glare.

Is LED Street Lighting Toronto a Safe Alternative?

As we move forward into the future LED street lighting Toronto will offer numerous benefits such as maintenance and energy savings. It will positively impact livability within neighbourhoods while at the same time reducing the amount of energy used. It all comes down to finding the proper LED lighting that fits the situation.

LED street lighting Ontario uses sensors that operate from dusk to dawn that can turn off or dim down the lighting when necessary. LED street lighting solutions also include optics to reduce or minimize glare and shields to control sidelight and uplight.

Does LED Street Lighting Affect the Circadian Rhythm?

You should have no concerns about LED street lighting affecting the circadian rhythm. When discussing blue lights, it’s important to realize that it’s the intensity, duration and the amount of light you are exposed to that can cause circadian disturbances. According to research, the level of light emitted by LED street lighting Ontario is too low to negatively affect our hormone levels, which in turn affect our sleep behaviour. According to the US Department of Energy, there is no difference between the blue light coming from other light sources versus LEDs.

Where Is LED Street Lighting Being Used?

LED street lighting is currently in use in many major cities across the world including Buenos Aires in Argentina, Los Angeles California, Jakarta in Indonesia and too many others to mention. The city of Vaughan, in our own backyard, is making the switch over to LEDs to take advantage of the many benefits they offer.

Do LEDs Contribute to Light Pollution?

With the proper use of well-designed LED street lighting Toronto, there is actually less light pollution than with traditional lighting sources that have been used in the past. LED street lighting solutions provide more scatter control and less glare while at the same time reducing light pollution and brightness from high angles.

What Are the Industry Standards for Ontario Street Lighting?

There are many standards that have been set by regional and global standardization organizations like CEN, IES and CIE. These are organizations that offer industry best practice standards that are recognized in Ontario.

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