Five (More) Reasons Why You Need to Switch to LED Lighting

by Adhecogen

We’ve previously written about the “5 Reasons Why you need to switch to LED lighting”, and now we have 5 more great reasons as to why making the switch to LED lighting is the correct choice.  Read below to find out why it is so important to contact Adhecogen and make the switch over to LED lighting today.

No UV Emissions

You won’t have to worry about UV emissions or infrared light when you use LED illumination. These lights are a greener option with cleaner emissions.

Work Well in Extremely Hot or Cold Temperatures

LED lights are perfect for settings where the temperature will be either very hot or very cold. For example, LEDs work perfectly in freezer rooms and as outdoor lighting during both the extreme cold of winter and during the unbearable heat of the summer.

Flexibility of Design

LEDs come in a range of designs and shapes. Whether you need LED lighting in the form of a ceiling fixture, a table lamp, a ceiling fan, a strip of track lighting in your bathroom or as any other  type of fixture, there are LED lighting solutions available at your fingertips. As well, LED lights can be dimmed, which allows you to control the amount of light, the distribution and the colour in the room.


LED lights don’t require high-voltage power so you’ll save money on your electric bills. A low-power voltage supply is all that’s required to sufficiently eliminate an LED light.

Instant Lighting

When you turn on an LED light you’ll receive instant lighting since it will immediately brighten up. With traditional lighting you can expect the bulb to become fully bright after several seconds. As well, you’ll be able to turn the light off and on again frequently and this won’t affect the light emission of the LED or its life expectancy.

When you need lighting for an entire room or a large section of it, LEDs work remarkably well. They can also be used when you require focused light since they are able to direct light to specific locations without an external reflector. For this reason, LED lighting is also the perfect choice for bathrooms and closets where more direct lighting may be required. 

Please visit our Products section to see the fantastic range of LED lighting available. It’s time to change our lighting choices to greener and less costly options to secure a brighter future for the generations to come.

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  • Sep 14 2016
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