How does 5S make your workspace lean?

by Adhecogen

5S lean workspace

Implementing 5S is a great way to make your workspace leaner

A 5S audit is a systematic approach to identifying workplace improvement opportunities. The correct application of 5S in the workplace is divided into 5 steps: Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Systematize), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu (Standardize), and Shitsuke (Maintain). The 5S audit system can help detect and resolve methodical failures, making your work process stable and efficient.

How did the 5S audit system come about?

It was first implemented in Japan in the 1960s at a Toyota production plant. This system aims to maintain and improve organization, work conditions and climate,
leanliness, safety, personal motivation, and efficiency. The 5S system is not only a methodological change but a new perspective and approach to the work culture.

5 Steps towards Operational and Process Excellence

Sort: Identify the tools, materials, and instructions needed and remove everything unnecessary from the workspace.

Store: Create an organizational system that gives easy access to all tools, equipment, files, and any more resources.

Shine: Set up new cleaning standards to create and maintain a workplace clear of trash, grease, and dirt. Everything should be clean and have a place to store items. Keeping a clean workspace will improve workplace safety and make potential hazards noticeable.

Standardize: Ensure that steps 1,2 and 3 are followed regularly in the workplace. This standard process can be maintained through schedules and set expectations.

Sustain: Make 5S a part of your company’s philosophy. Integrate it into your organizational values for new and old employees. 5S can be incorporated into the
company’s performance management system to make it a habit for all employees.


Why is it important to apply 5S to lean your workspace?


 5S lean workspace chart

5S is a lean workspace platform. The 5S system allows you to look for alternatives that can increase efficiency. Business processes flow efficiently when employees strive to keep clean workspaces and reduce wasted time, delays, and unnecessary movements. Quality starts with the individual and the surrounding environment. For this reason, implementing the 5S methodology is beneficial for the workspace and the overall workflow. It brings a tremendous amount of solutions to improve increased productivity:

  • Improves working conditions by increasing safety levels and reducing accidents
  • Reduce time loss and shorter response times
  • Improved quality of products and/or services
  • Lower the level of investment
  • Generate organizational culture and personal discipline
  • Generate more significant commitment, responsibility, cooperation, and teamwork
  • It improves the company’s image
  • It brings the organization closer to quality management
  • Enhances the employee’s environment, increasing their growth
  • Physically transforms the workplace environment, increasing order and space.

Who is the 5S method for?

The 5S is universal and can be applied in all types of companies and organizations, even in those that are tidy and clean. Any company can start implementing this system
in areas like asset and facility maintenance.