How LED Lights Can Help Sell Your Home

by Adhecogen

One of the biggest selling features that you can add to your home is energy-efficient lighting fixtures. People looking online for a condo, duplex, townhouse or a single-family home are taking note of the energy-efficient features listed. You’ll see that energy efficiency is given its own category on the listings because it’s one of the things that people want to know first before even viewing a home.

Lighting is a big part of a home sale, and besides adding to its energy efficiency, LED fixtures can be installed to make the home brighter and easier to sell. Some ideas for lighting up your home with LEDs include:

  • Putting up lighting fixtures in closet spaces
  • Installing spotlights under kitchen cabinets
  • Adding motion detector lights around the home
  • Brightening up the garage with new fixtures
  • Putting in decorative/security lights around walkways and decks
  • Setting up fixtures down hallways

If you’re going to be putting your house on the market, brighten up any dark spots in the home that could use more lighting.

When you purchase your new home, you can keep this list in mind. LED fixtures give you the opportunity to lighten up your home at a more affordable price and brighten up dark spaces at minimal cost.

Impress the potential buyers that walk through your door by adding bright lights to your front entrance so that they can have a positive first impression. Many homebuyers make as a conscious decision not to purchase a home because they find it to be too dark, or have an emotional reaction to the darkness of a place. Don’t let the sale of your home be influenced in any way by poor lighting conditions. It’s easy to add more lights to increase your chances of a faster sale.

Learn more about LED lighting fixtures and what we recommend for different rooms and areas in the home by visiting our site at, or contact us today for more information.

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  • Dec 28 2017
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