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How Much Lighting Do You Need for Your Hallway?

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine how much lighting would be best for a hallway.

by Adhecogen

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine how much lighting would be best for a hallway. In many cases, the hallway is narrow and has no natural daylight coming in to help light it up through a window. In order to make your hall appear brighter, larger and more inviting, you’ll need to turn to the right LED lighting. Quite often, this can involve choosing different lighting sources for the best overall effect.

Some of the lighting for a corridor could include the following:

  • General lighting in the form of recessed spotlights in the ceiling or longer LED tube lighting works great. If you have a square hallway then a single lighting fixture would be fine.
  • Wall lighting can provide an additional source of lighting that can be used to accent special items hanging on the walls or certain accessories such as coat hooks, light switches etc.

LED stripes that run down along the baseboards are perfect for lighting a person’s way in the dark. When you don’t want too bright lights turning on in the hallway after the family has gone to sleep, these lights are perfect. You can get also special motion detector software that can enhance this type of lighting so that it turns on automatically when a person enters the hallway.

When it’s time to light up your hallway in the best way possible, turn to LED fixtures. Many hallways would look best with 3,000 K, 100 lm normal white lights but it is different from one hallway to the next.

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  • Mar 27 2020
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