Lean Manufacturing

by Adhecogen

Lean Manufacturing

At ADHECOGEN, manufacturing practices and services have contributed to a major transformation for both management and work. This practice encourages respect for employees along with minimize or completely eliminate waste if possible, during manufacturing and follow routine continuous improvement practices for better and efficient organization.

To understand lean manufacturing better, it can be categorized into 5 different key principles.

The 5 different principles of lean manufacturing for our custom designed manufactured parts and components as well as for LED commercial lighting includes the following:

1. Understand the Value

Value can easily be defined as being something that a customer will pay for. What is valuable to one company will not be valuable to another. When you can determine exactly what the customer is looking for, you can provide value. In terms of commercial lighting and street lighting, our company takes the time to learn more about the needs of each customer we serve.

2. Add to the Value

It’s important to understand all of the factors that contribute to the value and then add to them. Unnecessary processes should be eliminated while anything that adds more value should be strengthened and reinforced. This contributes to manufacturing processes that are leaner in design.

3. Determining Flows

When any waste from the stream of value is removed by eliminating any processes that are unnecessary, the flow of manufacturing becomes more streamlined. This contributes to less delays and interruptions. Reinforcing successful actions such as providing more training to employees can speed up the flow of work. Some of the strategies that can be put into place to make sure that the processing continues to run smoothly include:

  • Creating departments that are cross-functional
  • Making sure that the workload is level
  • Providing regular training to all employees
  • Reconfiguring the steps of production as necessary

4. Inventory Tracking

There must be a way to track inventory to ensure a steady flow throughout the manufacturing and delivery processes. Deliveries must be made on time according to pre-set agreements, which will help keep inventory to a bare minimum. Our company prides itself on manufacturing commercial lighting products when they are needed and, in the quantities, required.

5. Further Streamlining the Process

The first 4 points mentioned above are continually monitored to further streamline the manufacturing process. All employees must be on the same page and dedicated to striving for perfection while at the same time always delivering LED lighting solutions that add value. We are a learning organization, and we continue to improve and better our business practices every single day.

These are the principles required to build a framework for effective and efficient organization. In short, lean manufacturing practices allow managers to weed out any deficiencies and strengthen value points while continually improving the level of quality and the value of products.

ADHECOGEN is a business-to-business custom design manufacturing solution. We manufacture customized hardware parts for office furniture, window, and patio door industries. Our LED lighting division provide interior and exterior LED lighting systems for commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. We strictly follow Lean manufacturing process and steps at our manufacturing units as well in our offices.

Our goal is always to deliver our product and services required to add value and to always deliver on time. Find out more about our company and products by visiting our website at https://www.adhecogen.com/.

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  • Feb 15 2021
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