LED Commercial Lighting for Art Studios

by Adhecogen

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LED Commercial Lighting for Art Studios

An art studio has specific requirements for its lighting, especially for painters. Not only must the artist be able to see what is being painted but there must be good lighting provided for both the easel and the canvas. The brightness and the colour of the lighting is important in order to allow the painter to produce his best artwork. LED commercial lighting is the best choice for all types of art studios since it allows the genuine colours of the objects to show up while at the same time reducing any eye fatigue in the artist.

Energy-Efficient Ontario Commercial Lighting

LED commercial lighting for art studios is an energy-efficient option that will help reduce the cost of electricity bills. Since the studio must be kept bright at all times, this is an important factor to consider for both commercial art studios and residential art studios. In general, lighting costs will be reduced by approximately 70% when the studio makes a switch over to LED lights from fluorescent lighting.

Commercial lighting in Ontario and CRI

CRI stands for “colour rendering Index” and is an important factor to consider when setting up the commercial lighting in Ontario for an art studio. Lighting with a high CRI allows painters and other artists to see the actual colour of the canvas, the objects being painted and things being sculpted. Sunlight has a CRI of 100 and it’s recommended that a studio have a CRI of at least 80. This can easily be accomplished by purchasing the right LED lighting for the studio.

Less Heat Is Generated

It’s important to keep the studio at a comfortable temperature and this is where LED lights play an important part. LED lighting emits much less heat than traditional lighting with incandescent bulbs. If a studio gets too hot inside it can affect the texture of the drawing papers as well as the paint properties. During the warmer summer months the heat from the bulbs would also mean that the air-conditioning would have to be running harder and longer, which in turn would drive up the electricity bills even higher.

No Flickering Lights

One of the biggest problems with fluorescent lighting is the flickering that can occur when the bulbs are starting to burn out. This flickering can cause eye problems, headaches and dizziness in many people. LED lights don’t flicker so you don’t have to worry about them flickering when they get turned on or when the bulbs are showing signs of age. Flickering is a major distraction that can also cause discomfort or pain so LED commercial lighting is always the best choice for art studios.

LEDs are available as Ontario commercial lighting for art studios that want to provide the best lighting possible to their artists. They are dimmable so that the exact lighting can be offered at any time of the day. Find out more about commercial lighting in Ontario for studios by visiting our website now at https://www.adhecogen.com/.