LED Drivers – Trending Technology on LED Light Fixtures

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LED Drivers – Trending Technology on LED Light Fixtures

Today’s LED drivers don’t consume as much electricity as they used to and are much more efficient. The latest drivers also come with protection that is built in.

By now, we all know about the energy savings and long-life expectancy provided by LED lights. At the same time, however, many people aren’t aware that these lights need an LED driver to operate. This driver can be considered to be the power supply for the LED lights, much like a ballast is used for a fluorescent.

LED drivers have two purposes including:

  1. They help convert alternating currents with higher voltages into direct currents with local voltages. LED lights operate on lower voltages with direct currents.
  2. LED drivers offer a form of protection against current or voltage fluctuations. Voltage changes may change the supplied current.

LED lighting continues to meet the needs of industry demands with innovative new technology always on the forefront. Some of the emerging trends in the industry of LED drivers include colour adjustable drivers and VLC (visible light communication) drivers.

Latest LED Technology

LEDs come with a variety of power readings so drivers must be able to provide a number of constant currents to make them run. Many customers also want surge protection has been built into the drivers. Offices and homes often require a 6-kV power while a 10-kV power is usually required for industrial applications, floodlight and streetlights.

The latest technology for LED lights and drivers offers improved efficiency and an even brighter future lies ahead. The driver market will probably reach about 16.1 US billion dollars on a global level by 2023. The major growth in this market includes increased construction and building activities, more LED lighting hitting the market in emerging countries and regulations from governments to improve the energy efficiency in countries around the world.

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