LED Flood and Tunnel Lighting for Aggregate Quarries in Ontario

by Adhecogen


Aggregate quarries across Ontario need high-quality LED tunnel and flood lights to provide long-lasting and efficient visibility. The type of lighting required will vary from one quarry to the next based on its design and layout. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best lighting for aggregate quarries in Ontario.


1. Heat Management:

Choose LED floodlights, tunnel lighting, and street lights that distribute heat efficiently through several heat sink bars. Some models come with airflow systems designed to use natural ventilation. Proper heat management ensures the LED lighting lives up to its expected lifespan.


2. Environmental Considerations:

When selecting the best lighting solutions for quarries, it’s important to take environmental factors into account, such as temperature changes and weather conditions. The LED lighting must withstand the harsh Canadian winters by offering resistance to damage in all types of weather.


3. Lighting Needs:

The lighting for a quarry will all depend on the layout and size of the facility. There may be multiple areas, such as loading docks, tunnels, and processing areas, that require different lighting solutions. It’s important to not only look at the quarry as a whole but to assess the various areas as well, to find the lighting solutions that would be most appropriate for them.



LED Floodlights:

LED floodlights provide a wide-angled, bright light that can cover large areas. They are extremely energy efficient and boast a long life span. They are a cost-effective solution for lighting up quarries. Our floodlights have specially designed thermal management; which makes them perfect for commercial and industrial lighting applications. The efficiency level of these lights is a minimum of 110 lm/w.


Tunnel Lighting:

Tunnels can be a challenging situation when it comes to lighting. They usually require lighting solutions that are specialized to provide a uniform, bright light that will not only improve visibility but reduce glare as well. We offer a robust LED Tunnel Light suitable for any underpass or tunnel area. This high-quality lighting promotes efficiency and safety while easing operations and minimizing costs.


LED Streetlights:

These lights can be placed high above different areas of a quarry to provide lighting across large portions. Our LED street and road lights include a high-power Nichia LED and Meanwell driver, offering a high luminous flux of over 30,000 lm. The lights are fully RoHs, slim and self-driven, and can be provided with a remote control. They are a fully dimmable solution and come with a 10-year warranty.

Finding the best lighting for aggregate quarries in Ontario can be challenging, but our lighting solution specialists can help determine the best solutions for all areas of the quarry. Contact us today to find out how we can help you safely and effectively light up your quarry.


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  • Apr 05 2023
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