LED Flood Lighting in Ontario

by Adhecogen

LED Flood Lighting in Ontario

When it comes to LED flood lighting in Ontario, there can be a confusion between spotlights and floodlights. Spotlights provide artificial light aimed at a particular space and the beam of light is rather narrow. Flood lighting in Ontario, on the other hand, lights up wider spaces.

Flood lighting offers a wide-ranging and high intensity artificial light that is used in areas where beaming and broad lighting is needed. This may include stadiums, large outdoor areas, play areas, large stores, theatres and more. Companies may also use LED flood lighting in Ontario to light up their open parking areas at night.

LED Flood Lighting Toronto

These lights send out a flood of light and LED flood lighting Toronto is the most developed source of lighting available in today’s market. Conventional halogen floodlights don’t have a long-life span and must be changed regularly. LED lights, however, last a lot longer, which means there will be less maintenance costs to deal with down the road.

LED flood lighting Toronto provides an energy-efficient solution to today’s rising electricity bills. They are also the most durable option available since they don’t break easily. Due to their compact size, long life span, efficiency and durability, LED floodlights are the perfect source of lighting for both outdoor and indoor areas where a broad area of lighting is required.

Ontario Commercial Lighting

Ontario commercial lighting offers flood lighting options that are required by corporations and businesses that are looking for savings in their electricity consumption. These lights also provide top-of-the-line visual performance. As well, they offer extra security for businesses that want to ensure that their buildings are well-lit to discourage criminal activity.

Flood lights also offer an extra measure of safety for employees and visitors that will be traveling on the grounds at night. As a business you must ensure that your Ontario commercial lighting is in order to prevent liability issues in the future. When you have the proper lighting in place you’ll be able to protect yourself against any possible litigation by showing that you took responsibility to keep your areas properly lit.

ADHECOGEN Flood Lights

When you’re looking for LED flood lighting Canada, turn to us first. We offer the 360 Wall Pack flood light series that offers strong illumination for commercial and industrial lighting for all types of public spaces. Our flood lighting has been designed with a special thermal management, equipped with Nichia LED’s and Meanwell driver so that you can achieve an efficient, superior system with at least 110 1m/w.

When compared to the outdated and conventional bulbs, LEDs offer significant savings on energy bills and maintenance. On average, LEDs last 30% longer than halogen bulbs while at the same time saving you money on production, material and maintenance costs. These bulbs are 100% recyclable and are an important part of any company going green.

When you’re looking for exceptional light dispersion with many advantages, LED flood lighting in Ontario is the answer. Visit our site now at www.adhecogen.com to see the flood lighting options we have available.