LED Flood Lighting Ontario for Truck Yard Parking Facilities

by Adhecogen

LED flood lighting Ontario

LED Flood Lighting Ontario for Truck Yard Parking Facilities

Lighting has an important role to play in ensuring the security and safety of both pedestrians and drivers in truck yard parking facilities. It also keeps the yard well-lit to discourage vandalism on trucks that have been parked there overnight. Most truck yard lighting fixtures are mounted on poles to make sure that large lighting areas are covered completely.

There will be various requirements for lighting in different places, based on the layout of the yard. Due to the nature of the large area that needs to be lit and the different truck sizes that will be parking there, it’s important to make a plan for the LED flood lighting before it is put in place.

In truck yards the lighting needs to be placed higher than in other parking lots since many trucks are high and can form large shadows. There are a number of different factors to be taken into account during the design phase of installing LED flood lighting Ontario and the entire area may need to be broken down into different sections in order to accommodate various lighting needs.

Commercial Lighting Requirements for Truck Yards

A truck yard has a responsibility to keep the trucks and the people using the yard safe from harm. If there are any lighting issues, the yard may be held liable for anything that happens. Installing the proper commercial lighting in truck yards is a preventative measure that a company should take to ensure that there are no liability issues down the road.

How to Determine the Best Lighting for Truck Yards

The first thing that needs to be considered is the area that needs to be illuminated. Specific measurements must be taken and then the yard must be sketched out according to the dimensions that have been noted. Once the proper layout has been placed on paper a lighting specialist can show you the best options for placing the fixtures. A reduction of energy costs along with space utilization should also be taken into account when planning the commercial lighting for the yard.

Lighting performance is also key. Factors such as colour temperature, rendering index, protection from the elements and lighting distribution must be factored into the equation. The commercial lighting solution should allow facial recognition to occur so that people feel safe when they have to use the yard during the evening or night time hours.

The term “illuminance” describes the amount of flux that shines over a surface and it is measured per unit area. There are different recommendations that should be followed for illuminance in all types of parking lots and truck yards so it’s important to consult with a commercial lighting professional to make sure that it is done right the first time.

Commercial Lighting Company

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