Led Light upgrade for older Condominium facilities in GTA

by Adhecogen

Modern LED lights installed at a indoor pool.
LED lights for condominiums

Condominium lighting is one of the main concerns of residents and owners. Good lighting improves the properties’ price, safety, comfort and style. Many condominiums in the GTA still have older, lower-performance, higher-cost, less-efficient lights.

What are the advantages of replacing old lights with modern LED lights?

Keeping an ample open space well-lit can be expensive. However, if you invest in some quality LED lights, your investment will quickly be recouped from the efficiency of LED lights. LED lights are the most efficient because they have a longer lifespan and provide a bright light source while using less electricity, making condominiums a more comfortable and safe place to live.

Improved safety: A well-lit place discourages criminals from committing crimes. In addition, with good lighting, people tend to have fewer accidents due to greater visibility.

More environmentally friendly: LED light is much more efficient, and with less power consumption, it achieves excellent illumination. It also has a longer life, reducing residual pollutants; the longer a product lasts, the less environmental impact it has. Something that cannot be discounted is that LED lights do not use heavy metals in their manufacture, which are among the most polluting water elements.
Logistics tools: We use artificial intelligence for production logistics. With it, we analyze orders, deliveries, and the production process, achieving greater efficiency. Artificial intelligence software is also used to explore the best alloy for each type of part.

More economical: LED lights are very economical; they consume a low level of electricity, so the electric bill payment is down. By having a longer-lasting lamp, you will also be saving money on replacements.

More comfort and aesthetics: LED lights improve condominiums’ aesthetics and comfort. A well-lit property is always more elegant and enhances the happiness of its tenants.

How to replace halogens with LEDs?

Halogens are still popular to this day. Most condominiums constructed in the past and some in the present still use Halogens. Halogens are known to consume more electricity, making them less efficient in general. These lights also do not provide good quality and quantity of lighting and aesthetics. For this reason, it is beneficial to replace all Halogen lights with LEDs.

Replacing halogen lights may seem like a daunting task that requires professional help; due to the recessed installation in the wall or other surfaces. Most halogens, however, can be easily replaced on your own. You should always prioritize safety and make sure that the halogens are completely cold before you plan on changing them. This could mean not turning on any light using halogen, or it could be that you switch off the power source altogether to minimize risk and ensure safety.

When replacing halogen bulbs, carefully disassemble the bulb. Dissembling the bulbs is not a complex task, but it can vary in time depending on the model and style of the bulb. Some bulbs have a trim around them that needs to be removed.

GTA LED lights

ADHECOGEN offers a wide variety of LED lamps that meet condominiums’ lighting needs. Our components have customization, and we adapt to the tastes of our customers.