LED Lighting as a Crime Reducing Investment

by Adhecogen

If you’re afraid to leave late at night for work, knowing the driveway will be hidden in darkness, turn to LED lighting as a crime reducing investment. The less visibility there is around you, the more chance there is of a crime occurring. Most crimes occur between 6 PM and 6 AM when areas are dark and thieves can make their moves unseen.

Many businesses, cities, and homeowners are making the switch over to LED lighting because it’s eco-friendly and more affordable than conventional lighting. LED lights use less than 50% of the power that a regular light fixture uses without sacrificing on the amount of lighting.

LEDs also produce higher indexes of color rendering than regular HID fixtures. This means that the true colors of people, surroundings and objects are more vivid, which is very important in terms of surveillance for parking lots and for building security purposes.

These sites also provide a more focused light than traditional lighting options, and less glare. This offers better visibility in the form of a crisper and brighter light. This can help prevent a crime from occurring at night and can also help identify criminals appearing on video cameras.

LED lights work perfectly in the following areas:

  • In a stairway
  • Under a carport
  • In alleyways
  • Above the garage
  • At the entryway of a building
  • Anywhere else where security may be compromised

Motion Sensor Lights

LEDs are available as security lights featuring motion sensors with three, two or single-headed fixtures. You’ll be able to adjust the range of motion detection that activates the lights and they also come with built-in timers and photocell sensors that work from dusk to dawn.

Canopy Lights

When you’re running fixtures with LEDs you won’t have to worry about keeping the lights on overnight for financial reasons. Since these are an economic alternative to traditional lighting, you can feel free to keep the lights on when you need them the most. These canopy security lights are perfect for gas stations, warehouse lighting, drive thru areas, covered walkways, tunnels, parking lots and much more.

LED lights are a great economic way to add more security to any home or business. To find out more about security lights and their features please visit our Adhecogen products page or give us a call today at (905) 282-0881. EcoGEN is your LED Lighting solution in Toronto.

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  • Oct 31 2016
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