LED Lighting for Airport Passenger Boarding Bridges

by Adhecogen

An airport passenger boarding bridge with energy efficient lighting.

LED Lighting for Airport Passenger Boarding Bridges

The passenger boarding bridges at an airport must have high-quality lighting to keep passengers safe. This is the area where people will be boarding and getting off the aircrafts and there can be a lot of people crammed into a very small area. Many passengers that are getting off an airplane will be tired and not thinking straight while getting used to being back on the ground. For safety reasons, it’s especially important to use the highest quality LED lighting for airport boarding bridges.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LEDs provide energy efficient lighting for all areas of an airport including the following:

  • Tarmacs
  • Towers
  • Car lots
  • Cargo platforms
  • Terminals
  • Aprons

At ADHECOGEN, we provide unique energy efficient lighting solutions for each area of an airport. The state-of-the-art lights we offer are based on the latest developments in the lighting industry and feature low power consumption along with high visibility. We provide LED lights that are reliable and offer thermal management as a top priority.

Airports are dynamic environments and each of the different areas require different lighting solutions. Both light spill and glare must be taken into account when choosing the right LEDs to ensure the highest safety standards for both pilots and employees.

Runway lights must follow the guidelines for visual flight rules and the lighting in the terminals must be bright. ADHECOGEN understands the lighting needs of airports and what is required in each separate area.

LED lights are cost-effective, offering significant savings on energy and maintenance bills. They are energy-efficient and last 30 times longer on average than halogen lights and 33 times longer on average than incandescent lights. Commercial buildings can save not only on energy costs but also on production, material and maintenance costs. LEDs are the wave of the future and many commercial government buildings are making the switch over to LED to take advantage of the cost savings and the high-quality lighting they provide.

LED Lighting for Airports

LED lighting for airports provides a great return on investment. On average, the lighting provides a short payback period of approximately 1 to 2 years. After that, a commercial enterprise can expect to see an ROI that is 12 to 15 times that of the original investment.

LEDs are also safer for the environment and they don’t contain compounds that are highly toxic such as mercury. These lights are completely recyclable and help to reduce the carbon footprint of any airport or other commercial or industrial building by one third.


Commercial Lighting Toronto

If you have any questions about airport lighting or commercial lighting in Toronto in general, it’s time to give the professionals at ADHECOGEN a call. You can reach us at (905) 282-0881 or connect with us through our website at www.adhecogen.com. Simply fill out the contact form to schedule a free consultation regarding your unique lighting needs. We will let you know which options we recommend for your commercial lighting and can also offer a breakdown regarding the savings you can expect to see within a few short years.

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