LED Lighting for Airports

by Adhecogen

LED Lighting for Airports

There are several different applications for LED lighting in airports and it is important to get the best of the best for all areas both inside and outside of the airport. An airport needs perfect lighting across all areas to keep the facilities running safely and efficiently. Some of the LED lighting applications available for airports include the following:

  • Apron lighting
  • Cargo platforms
  • General terminal lighting
  • Tower lights
  • Car parks
  • Tarmac lighting

Airport LED Lighting by ADHECOGEN

At ADHECOGEN we have built an outstanding reputation in the field of LED lighting for airports. We offer state of the art lighting based on the latest research and development in the field. We provide efficient industry-leading lighting solutions that place power consumption, high visibility, thermal management, and reliability as top priorities.

We understand the challenges and constraints that come with lighting in a dynamic environment. Airports need the best lighting possible to be available across each of their areas, including in the work areas near the aircraft and on the apron. Attention must be placed on reducing glare and light spill, which could affect air traffic control employees and pilots.

Visual Flight Rules

The Visual Flight Rules include regulations that govern how a pilot operates a plane given that there are clear weather conditions and the pilot can see a visible light path. Lighting systems that adhere to Visual Flight Rules consist of medium or low-intensity approach and runway lighting systems that can safely guide a pilot towards a safe landing or approach. These types of systems are usually found on the field of private or public runways.

Medium-Intensity Edge Lighting for Runways – Except for the caution zone, lighting fixtures on the runway edges must emit white light.

Runway End Lighting – Lighting fixtures at each end of the runway consist of 6 fixtures that are equally spaced apart at least 3 m within the end of the runway. If the airfield is being used in 2 directions, green/red bidirectional lighting must be used.

Approach Lighting – A simple system needs to be provided for straight line, offset, and circling approaches.

Commercial Lighting in Toronto

If you have any questions about the necessary guidelines for LED airport lighting or would like to see what we provide, please give us a call at (905) 282-0881 or fill in the contact form on our site at www.adhecogen.com.



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