LED Lighting for Hospitals – Commercial Lighting

by Adhecogen

360 Wall Pack/Flood Light at the Scarborough Health Network Hospital

LED Lighting for Hospitals – Commercial Lighting

LED lighting for hospitals plays an important role in terms of providing the best health care to patients. Proper commercial lighting is required for staff efficiency and to reduce any risk of possible complications. In the past, fluorescent and incandescent lighting was used in hospital settings but as the technology of LED lighting for hospitals evolved, those outdated types of flickering, dull lights have been often replaced with LED illumination that is brighter and without the frustrating flickering.

Commercial Lighting Colour Temperatures

There are different shades of white lighting available with LED lights. The white colours are measured by a Kelvin scale. As the temperature goes up in Kelvins, the colour becomes whiter. It has been proven through scientific research that different light types act as a trigger for physiological effects. For this reason, various shades of white lights can be placed in different areas of the hospital according to what is being done in a specific department.

In healthcare centres and in hospitals, it’s important to subject both staff and patients to white light that is comparable to daylight. Studies have shown that LED lights with the proper colour temperature can help improve alertness, decrease fatigue, reduce depression and provide workers with increased satisfaction with their current working environments.

Commercial Lighting for Nursing Stations

Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are known to emit small amounts of UV radiation that may damage the eyes and skin along with facility materials. Excessive UV exposure in the form of fluorescent lighting can increase eye diseases that are UV-related by up to 12%. This is an important factor to consider -especially in a facility that has the purpose of healing others.

LED commercial lighting emits no to very little radiation, which in itself makes it the preferred choice for any type of institution providing health care. As well, no colour spikes or flickering occurs with LEDs, which can cause dizziness and headaches. Overall, LED commercial lighting for nursing stations can help to improve the overall health of staff and patients by eliminating any possible risks of exposure to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Surface Mount Flat Panel 2 x 4 at the Scarborough Health Network Hospital

Viewing Colours Accurately

In a hospital setting it’s critical that all staff are able to view colours accurately. If, for example, a patient’s skin looks slightly yellow, this can lead to tests being taken for liver problems. LED bulbs have the capacity to show colours in a similar way that they would be seen in natural daylight. LED commercial lighting helps to reveal the true colours of the surroundings, objects and people.

By properly illuminating the vital materials required for procedures and care in a hospital by providing the right lighting, the staff will be more efficient. Material expenditures will also be lowered in areas where the tools of the trade are managed. Electricity bills will also decrease when LED lights are used since they are much more energy-efficient and therefore more cost-effective.

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