LED Lighting for Marinas

by Adhecogen

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Energy efficient LED flood lighting for marinas

LED Lighting for Marinas

LED lighting is perfect for any marina environment. This form of lighting provides elegant and simple solutions to the usual issues that marinas encounter when trying to find suitable lighting.

When a boat rolls into the marina at dusk after a long day out on the water the captain and the passengers need to tie down the boat. There should be great lighting conditions available to make sure that the boat is tied down properly and LED Ontario commercial lighting provides a number of different options for marina owners.

LED Ontario Commercial Lighting for Marinas

LED lights are the most maintenance-free options available. They offer high quality lighting that helps captains navigate their way through the water to the docks and prevents people from slipping at night and subsequently falling into the water. While most harbors are still using 7W to 14W fluorescent light bulbs to light up the slips the lights can be compromised by the vibrations that occur from waves and boats hitting the docks.

These fluorescent bulbs tend to break often, which makes them a safety hazard and an ongoing maintenance problem. Broken glass and slippery docks are a dangerous mix especially at night when the broken glass shards can’t be easily seen.

Marina LED Commercial Lighting Ontario

More and more marinas are making the switch over to commercial lighting Ontario using LEDs to replace short-lived and problematic fluorescent lights. The LED lights use less much electricity to run and last for many years. They can be used around landings, docks and boat slips and can light up the path towards the marina building.

LED Flood Lighting Ontario

LED flood lighting Ontario is perfect for larger areas that need extensive lighting such as parking areas. They may also be suitable for the areas where the boats are docked, depending on the situation. If people are living in their boats just off the marina, they may not want to have huge flood lights on all night and would prefer more suitable LED lighting solutions in the area.

There are many other areas around the marina where LED lighting would be beneficial. If you have a boat rental spot, for example, you can make the switch over to LED lights to save on utility costs and to provide an extra safety measure for your clients.

ADHECOGEN Ontario commercial lighting can also be used indoors across the marina including inside the dining room and kitchen. No matter where lighting is required from one end of your marina to the other, LED lights offer a low maintenance, affordable solution that should be examined.

Learn more about LED lighting for marine environments by visiting our website now at www.adhecogen.com. We have lighting specialists available to answer any questions you may have, and they can recommend the best products for different areas. We can provide you with a customized lighting plan that will fit your unique requirements and may also let you know how much money you would expect to save over time by replacing your existing lights with new LED lighting solutions.