LED lighting for new Residential subdivision across Ontario

by Adhecogen

LED lights in new residential park
LED lights in new residential pathway

LED lights offer advantages to luminaires in new residential subdivisions.

Lighting is a fundamental part of any infrastructure, especially residential subdivisions. For this reason, new residential subdivisions in Ontario should actively look for ways to achieve better quality and more efficient lighting.

LED lights are ideal because they meet all the requirements for lighting new residential subdivisions. LED lights are more durable, greener, and energy efficient compared to older lighting systems.

Advantages of using LED lights in new residential subdivisions across Ontario

It is Ecological: LED light is much more efficient and achieves excellent illumination with lower energy consumption. It also has a longer life, reducing residual pollutants; the longer a product lasts, the less environmental impact it will have. Something that cannot rule out is that LED lights do not use heavy metals in their manufacture, which are among the most polluting elements in the water.

More economical: LED lights are very economical; they consume a low level of electricity, which results in a lower electrical bill. The longer life of the lamp also saves the cost of having to buy spare parts.

Elegance and safety: LED lights add elegance and security to residential subdivisions. Better lighting discourages criminals from committing crimes and increases the safety of the place from accidents. In addition, a well-lit area is always more elegant.

Important factors on how to choose a LED light

The tone of light: The tone refers to the colour emmited from the light of the lamp; this could be a cool tone or a warm tone. The choice of tone depends on personal taste and its functional purpose.

Lumens: Luminosity depends on the intensity with which a lamp illuminates. For outdoor areas, you need lights with more lumens than for indoor spaces. 

Power: Power is the amount of energy a lamp consumes. The higher the lumens of a light, the more power that is being consumed. 

What type of LED lamps are best to be used in the new Residential subdivision?

ADHECOGEN offers various lamps and LED luminaire installations for new residential subdivisions in Ontario. Their extensive lighting selection is intended to meet diverse lighting needs.

Nichia LED: A high power and Meanwell driver provides significant savings of up to 70% with the most increased luminous flux of over 30,000 lm. This product is green, slim, fully RoHs, self-directed with optional remote control, and fully dimmable; it comes with a 10-year warranty!

360° wall pack/flood light: EGSP-2026: If you need powerful public lighting for industrial and commercial lighting, this LED, with specially designed thermal management, can help you achieve superior system efficiency with 110 lm/w.

Park light 360: EGSP-1018: A parking light equipped with high-power Nichia LEDs and a Meanwell driver. When comparing the Meanwell driver with conventional lighting (metal halide and HPS), the light provides significant savings of up to 70% with the highest luminous flux and an efficiency of up to 125 lm/w.