LED Lighting in the Workplace

by Adhecogen

According to recent studies, an office with LED bright lighting promotes the well-being and performance of employees. Offices without proper lighting are not acceptable any longer and this is why so many companies are switching from fluorescent over to LED lighting fixtures. As well, offices using LED lights can save up to 70% on energy costs and 95% in maintenance costs.

At Ecogen we have a wide range of LED lighting options for both high-end and traditional office environments. Our LED fixtures don’t cast glares and they never flicker, which allows employees to remain focused on the tasks at hand while on the job. As well, when the lights are turned on, they turn on right away without any type of delayed reaction.

If your office is currently using fluorescent PL lamps or panels we offer an equivalent LED model that will better suit your needs. Our ceiling panels are aesthetically pleasing and can fit into the grids on your office ceiling very easily. They are also quick to install and dimmable options are also available.

Our LED lamps look just like traditional lighting but offer incredible energy savings. When you need to find the right LED lamps to fit into your office environment, we can help you choose the right ones.

Smaller offices would benefit from LED light discs that look the same as traditional downlights. They are available in a variety of different sizes and provide soft, even lighting throughout the office. Dimmable options are also available with these lights.

If your offices are not currently using LED lighting, it’s time to make the switch over now. The cost savings are huge and you’ll see this change reflected in your electrical utility bill right away. Find out more about LED lights today by visiting our website at adhecogen.com.

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  • Sep 04 2018
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