LED Lighting Solutions for Bus Terminals

by Adhecogen

Led street lights for bus terminal

Bus terminals have the responsibility of ensuring that passengers can get on the bus and off again safely. Riders should also feel secure with the lighting in the area, whether they are inside the terminal or outside. Safety is not the only issue, however, since good lighting allows passengers to find the locations of the bus station platforms easily. Impact-resistant, strong lighting should be provided to ensure enough light is available at any time of the day. LED commercial outdoor lighting and LED indoor lights are now used worldwide for bus terminals due to their high quality and low price.

The lighting used inside the bus station should be placed according to the usage of different areas. Recessed canopy lights are often placed in waiting rooms while high bay lights, or flood lights are often used on the platform. Outdoor waterproof lighting, such as the lights used for Toronto LED streetlights, is used in unsheltered areas where people will be walking or congregating while waiting for buses to arrive.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Bus Stations

A bus terminal is a public facility that has been built specifically for the residents of the city that are either waiting for a bus to arrive or embarking off a bus. The lighting should take into account whether people will be able to see the information at the bus stop as well as the safety of the buses that will be pulling over. For this reason, there should be enough vertical illumination coming from commercial outdoor lighting so that bus drivers don’t have to deal with any glare coming from the lights.

Toronto Street lights for bus terminal

LED Streetlights Provide Sufficient Lighting and a Feeling of Security

Smart LED streetlights ensure passengers can get on and off the bus safely to enhance social safety. Light can be provided where and when required so that all travelers are provided the right level of light at any time of the day.

Liability can become an issue if the commercial outdoor lighting is not adequate. People must be able to navigate safely on the bus station platforms. If there is ever an accident and lighting is found to be a cause for it, a potential lawsuit could ensue. This is why it is important to consider using high-end Toronto street lights to eliminate the areas around bus terminals. This would include any parking areas as well.

Waiting for a bus in a dimly lit area is not a safe or pleasant experience for anyone. The general feeling of security and safety must be a priority for all travelers.

LED lights have become the new wave and all bus terminals should be equipped with the best lighting possible in all areas. Bus stations that want to update their lighting solutions should work with an LED lighting specialist to determine the best lights for different parts of the station and outdoors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for bus terminals since every one has its unique architectural layout and usage requirements. Contact one of our lighting specialists today to review your goals for safely lighting in your bus terminal.

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