LED Lighting System for Underground Parking Facilities

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LED Lighting System for Underground Parking Facilities

The best Ontario commercial lighting available for underground parking facilities is an LED lighting system. Many underground parking facilities are still using sodium high-pressure lamps and halide metal lamps to light up these vast areas. LED lighting systems use approximately 70% less energy than traditional lighting so making the switch equates to thousands of dollars in savings per year.

Ontario Commercial Lighting for Underground Garages

The environment in an underground garage requires long periods of continuous lighting. It is a closed environment and halide metal lamps can add to the mercury pollution within the environment if they aren’t used properly. LEDs, on the other hand, contain no mercury and are completely safe for parking facilities located underground.

Ontario LED High Bay Lighting Company

We are an Ontario LED high bay lighting company that distributes LED lighting systems for all types of underground garages – no matter what the ceiling height may be. Whether you have a high bay type of underground structure or one with lower ceilings, there is an LED lighting system available to fit your needs.

Underground garage safety and visibility go hand-in-hand. If your lighting isn’t up to par in the underground parking area, you may be liable for damages should anything occur. It’s important to keep the space well-lit at all times to avoid accidental damages to cars, personal injury and to prevent crimes from occurring in the area.

Edge-Lit Panels Ontario

It’s also important to consider the entrances to the underground facility. Edge-lit panels Ontario can provide extra lighting for these dark spaces. Keeping all areas of the facility well-lit not only helps keep people safe but also allows them to feel more comfortable walking to and from their vehicles.

If you have a business where you service the public, you certainly won’t want anybody to feel unsafe in any part of your company. Consider the parking facilities you offer and whether edge-lit panels Ontario would make a difference in any dark hallways in your building.

Underground Parking Facilities with a Low Ceiling Height

The most common features of underground parking lots include a large area, no natural source of lighting and a low ceiling height. LED Ontario commercial lighting for below ground parking lots has been designed to create a luminous environment that is appropriate for the area. It enables pedestrians and vehicle drivers to identify hazards and obstacles easily.

The overall goal of this lighting is to provide ample illuminance so that vehicle traffic can move safely. This includes all corners and non-parking areas within the structure. The area must be bright enough but not so great as to be blinding.

It’s important to work with an LED Ontario commercial lighting company that has experience with light systems for underground parking facilities. You need to connect with an expert that has the expertise to make recommendations based on the layout and dimensions of your particular garage.

Visit www.adhecogen.com to speak with an underground parking lot lighting specialist now.

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