LED Lighting Systems for Railway Stations

by Adhecogen

Platform lighting for railway station waiting areas

Railway stations are busy public spaces, so it’s vital to have proper lighting in the different areas. You’ll want your visitors, staff, and passengers to all feel safe and welcomed in a well-lit environment. Now that fluorescent and incandescent lamps are being phased out, it’s time to consider the benefits of LEDs and the best types of LED lighting systems for a railway station.

Safety First with Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Railway Stations

Since visibility is pertinent to minimizing the risk of accidental injuries, commercial outdoor lighting helps people navigate the station safely. LED lighting systems offer enhanced security and safety features for railway stations. Motion sensors can detect movement in restricted and staff-only areas to keep track of breaches. If varying light levels are required from area to area, the system’s lights can be adjusted as needed. LED lights are also easier on the eyes than traditional ones because they don’t emit infrared or UV radiation. Passengers and staff won’t be subject to light-induced headaches, eye strain, and other health issues.

Railway Stations Can Experience Significant Savings Using Energy-Efficient Lighting

LED lighting systems offer extreme savings, which can be as high as 70% when compared to traditional lights that have been used in the past. LEDs consume much less energy and have a longer lifespan. They won’t need to be replaced as frequently, which means that less maintenance will be required for them. This energy-efficient lighting is a sustainable option since it has a lower carbon footprint, which makes it the most economical and green option for any station.

Superior Lighting with LED Lighting Systems

Create a unique ambiance in every part of the station with LED lights. They provide more consistent and brighter lighting with flexible settings. These LED lights can also be customized to emit different colours, effects, and intensities.

Energy efficient lighting for railway stations

LED Street Lights for Railway Stations

When you need broad illumination, LED streetlights are your best resource. Without them, you may be held liable for any accidents that could occur. They provide a high level of light so that passengers and crew can clearly see approaching or departing trains and keep a safe distance.

Careful planning is required for railway stations in order to operate safely. The specific lighting needs of a station must be taken into account along with all of the other requirements. This may include the size of the station, whether the lights must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the level of lighting needed in different areas, and the lighting standards and regulations that must be met. All of the staircases and corridors, waiting rooms, platforms, and even the parking areas must be carefully studied before choosing the best LED lighting for the station.

Work with an LED lighting specialist when you need to upgrade the lighting in a railway station. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to provide specific details regarding the best lighting suitable for different areas.

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