LED lighting upgrade for commercial building

by Adhecogen

LED lighting for commercial building
Exterior LED Lighting for commercial buildings

One of the main concerns of anyone managing a commercial building is lighting. Good lighting has several objectives, such as increasing the beauty of the building, making the stay of workers and customers more comfortable, avoiding accidents and improving security against crime.

LED lights give a modern and comfortable style to commercial buildings. Good quality luminaires increase comfort and safety. In addition, luminaires in shop windows or signs guarantee excellent service or product promotion. Good lighting is a priority for any business.

What is the best type of light for Commercial building?

In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in lighting costs in commercial buildings. In addition to typical business expenses, there has been an increase in electricity costs. With modern luminaires, maintenance costs would also be minimal, which means that lighting efficiency can reduce not only the electricity costs of the building but also the maintenance costs of the luminaires.

LED luminaires can be easily dimmed rather than completely turned off. These types of solutions are known as “two-level” or “adaptive” lighting and are very interesting because they improve tenants’ perception of safety while achieving energy savings. Sensors can be mounted on each luminaire, or they can be wirelessly connected to multiple luminaires.

What other advantages does the use of LED lights in commercial buildings have?

Low energy consumption: This lighting technology uses the lowest energy consumption in the market.

Economic savings: By changing commercial lighting with halogen or incandescent light for LED lighting, you can achieve savings of more than 70% in your electricity bill.

Longer lifetime: They can reach up to 45,000 hours of use. Whether continuous use (such as parking lots) or partial use (community spaces about 8 hours a day) can last more than 15 years.

Less maintenance: LED lights are long-lasting, so replacement and maintenance are practically a thing of the past.

Switching on and off: It resists switching on and off more than traditional bulbs, which does not affect its performance.

Adaptability to the environment: There are many different shades of light, ranging from more extraordinary to warmer tones.

They do not lose intensity: LEDs may last a long time, but they also do not compensate when it comes to light intensity. LEDs maintain light fidelity and power.

Small size: LEDs are chips mounted on a plate, making them significantly easier to install in hard-to-reach places.

Low voltage operation: Reduces the risk of electrocution during handling.

Low heat emission: The electrical efficiency of the LED means that more than 80% of its energy is converted into light, so it emits virtually no heat.

Less polluting: It does not contain mercury or tungsten. It is possible to reduce C02 emissions by up to 80%, depending on the type of lighting used. So apart from achieving a more significant economic impact, you can be proud to attain ecological savings.

LED lights for commercial buildings in Toronto

ADHECOGEN offers several options for LED lighting installations for commercial buildings. Our products have a quality guarantee that meets the requirements of all our valued customers. Our products’ environmental impact and efficiency are just as significant to us as the quality of the lighting.