LED Lights for Hockey Rinks

by Adhecogen

LED Lights for Hockey Rinks

LED lights provide a brightly lit and vibrant playing area for rinks that both the fans and the players will appreciate. At Ecogen, we offer lighting solutions for your hockey rink whether it is located in an inside arena or is an outdoor rink.

Decrease Energy Consumption

Switching over to LED lights for hockey rinks can help your business save considerable funds from your energy bill. These lights can be used in many different venues from a large arena to a personal homemade rink in the backyard. Not only do LED lights last longer, they use less energy and are better for the environment.

Better Lighting

LED lights provide a surface illumination of the rink that is brighter, whiter and more even. With lighting that is distributed uniformly, players will be able to make the best choices possible during practices, training sessions and games. It also enhances the quality of hockey games that are being broadcast on TV as camera operators do not have to make as many lighting adjustments.

Colour Options

There are various options available to light up the rink in a spectacular display of colours, particularly suited for those participating in recreational skating. Artistic elements can also be added for competitions such as ice shows and much more.

LED lights for a hockey rink simply make sense for both costs and quality. Find out more about your lighting options for exterior and interior rinks by visiting our website today at adhecogen.com. You can also contact us today to discuss your potential future savings with one of our LED lighting specialists. Making the switch is easy, cost-effective and will provide long-term lighting benefits for many years to come.

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  • Jan 30 2018
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