LED Lights for Photography Studios

by Adhecogen

LED lights have become a popular option for both photography and video studios, with more videographers and photographers swearing by them. Portraits and other types of photography can benefit from the use of LED lighting in the studio. Not only are the lighting panels fully dimmable, but the ambient light can also easily be adjusted with different temperature lights. Here are a few other benefits:

LEDs Remain Cool

LED lights are continuous, so you can see how the light is affecting the subject as you snap pictures in real time. They run cool, so everyone involved in the videos or the photography won’t have to deal with to the unbearable heat provided by conventional lights. Since they run so cool, they can also be put into smaller areas where it would be considered dangerous to place a more traditional light. Cool running lights provide more work efficiency and energy efficiency to the workplace.

Intensity and Colour Options

You can purchase LED lights with various lighting tones, allowing you to capture the colours of the subject the way they appear in real life. Even if you can’t see the difference between LEDs and traditional sources, rest assured that your camera can notice everything. The intensity of the light can be dimmed or brightened with a remote to provide professional grade lighting for your studio. This gives you more power to control the lighting in your studio for better results.

LED lights are cost-effective, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Compared to fluorescent, halogen or tungsten bulbs, LED lights can last for several years and are considerably more versatile to accommodate lighting conditions. If it’s time for you to make the switch over to cooler lighting for your studio, learn more about your options at adhecogen.com, or contact us today for more information.

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  • Mar 05 2018
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