LED Linear Lighting

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Neon LED linear lighting

LED Linear Lighting

LED linear lighting gives you the freedom to make a lighting statement both indoors and outdoors. These lights can be used horizontally or vertically and the strips are bendable, allowing you to follow any type of shaped patterns found in modern architecture.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LEDs are an efficient lighting solution that are often used in both residential and commercial applications. LED linear lighting consists of a string of light-emitting diodes that are packaged in a narrow, long housing that creates a light strip. LED lights much less energy than traditional lighting sources and they are flexible in design. They are an affordable option for accent lighting and for creating amazing lighting patterns to highlight special areas.

Commercial Lighting Toronto

LED linear lighting being used for commercial lighting
As you pass by a commercial building that is using LED linear lighting strips you’ll notice that the design patterns can be quite spectacular. The demand for LED commercial lighting in Toronto continues to grow as more and more companies make the switch over to more efficient lighting solutions. Linear lighting with LEDs offers more performance and better aesthetics than the lighting in older housing units due to their advanced technology.

LED linear lights can provide an uninterrupted and continuous line of lighting, which was never before possible. Fluorescent tubes aren’t able to provide the same continuity found in LED linear lighting since they have to stop and then start, which leaves a dark or black spot.

Types of Linear LED Lighting

At ADHECOGEN, we provide both residential and commercial establishments with options for linear lighting. The lights are waterproof with IP 67 protection using high-performance silicone. These outdoor lighting solutions also have UV protection and resistance features for salt mist.

Our LED linear lighting options can be cut to size and are very flexible, which allows for freedom of design. They are available in a variety of different colours and can be used to highlight architectural designs or used in signage and other advertising displays.

We also provide neon bright colours that are ideal for pathways, coves, ceilings, handrails, walls, facades, and more. Any place that needs some extra lighting and areas that you want to stand out can be accentuated by our high performance LED linear lighting.

LED lights are the wave of the future. Energy-efficient lighting is paving the way towards economical solutions for businesses and homeowners. It’s estimated that a property that has been switched over to LED lighting will save approximately 70% in terms of energy costs on an ongoing basis.

LED lights also provide more options than traditional lighting and they are a better lighting source as well. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that tend to flicker when they are wearing out or are just being turned on, you can expect no type of flickering with LED lighting. Many people that are exposed to flickering lights end up with migraines or eye problems as a result.


Find out more about the wide range of LED lighting solutions we have to offer by visiting our website now at www.adhecogen.com. You’ll find a number of different styles and colours to choose from.

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