LED Linear Lighting

by Adhecogen

LED Linear Lighting
In the world of linear lighting, LEDs provide the best environmental footprint since they are free of harmful toxins and do not contain any mercury. They are a low-profile lighting source that is compact, which provides more flexibility in design. As well, LED lighting delivers exceptional energy efficiency when compared to other lighting alternatives.

LED Linear Lighting Designs
Linear lighting using LEDs provides consistent intensity in strips that can bend either horizontally or vertically. This means that the strip can be used to follow any type of shape. You’ll often see examples of these LED linear lights on buildings that have been built using contemporary architectural design concepts.

Freedom to Create
The person that is designing the lighting has a lot of creative freedom with these strips. Whether you are looking for lighting for a large portion of the outside of a building to make it stand out from others or want to highlight only certain portions or areas of a building, the sky that is the limit when it comes to design and creation.

These straps are also customizable and are available in different widths including 12 mm to 30 mm wide. They have been made to fit anywhere. They can be easily cut, they are waterproof, they are resistant to salt mist and they are widely used for advertising and signage for this reason.

These lights are available in a variety of different colours including RGB and solid colours. They are dimmable and can be used for several different purposes including highlighting buildings, signage, walls, handrails, coves, facades, pathways and much more.

Learn more about LED linear lighting and see examples of it in use at www.adhecogen.com. These are the lights that are leading the way in progressive creative lighting and they are the most economical way to make any area stand out and come to life!

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  • May 21 2020
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