LED Plant and Flower Grow Lights

by Adhecogen

LED lights for plants and flowers are more cost-effective and energy efficient to run. There is an initial investment involved in making the switch over to LED grow lights, but comes with extensive cost savings.

These lights run cooler than any other type of light on the market, and offer benefits to plants that can’t be found with other lights. They have a number of small semiconductors that restrict the electron flow when the unit is turned on. These semiconductors, or diodes, then emit the light and the plants absorb it, using the light to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars.

There are other grow lights that can be used, however they don’t offer the efficiency of LEDs and often too much heat is generated. As well, LED lights can be used with different light spectrums to provide optimal growth for the plants. Both red and blue lights are generally preferred by flowers and plants.

Many people are now using LED lights inside their homes and in their indoor greenhouses as an alternative to fluorescent lights. Incandescent bulbs cannot be used to help grow plants and flowers since they don’t provide enough energy for growth. These types of whites only offer only a small amount of photosynthetic light and not enough to stimulate plant growth.

Light is food for a plant and can help when you are bringing plants in for the winter or growing them early from seed to be planted in the spring. They are also necessary if you have an interior greenhouse. If you need LED fixtures that you can use as lights for your plants this winter, visit our website at adhecogen.com to browse through our wide selection of LED units, or contact us today to find out what would be best for you.

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  • Feb 15 2018
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