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LED Street Lighting – Finding the Right Solutions

by Adhecogen

LED Street Lighting – Finding the Right Solutions

When it comes to street lighting, there are many different lighting situations, and each one requires a different solution. For this reason, it is important to know the regulations and parameters of the lighting area to choose the proper design for it.

LEDs have come a long way during the last decade and are now more than suitable to be used for lighting applications on city streets and highways. They last longer than any other lighting alternatives and are also much more efficient.

The LED lights used on streets must offer maximum optical efficiency to direct the light to the roadway. When the proper optics are used, the optimum lighting control and efficiency make LEDs the lighting of choice.

It is important to use LEDs that produce a light that is uniform so that it can be used for different pole distances. When you choose a high-quality LED light for streets, you will have more flexibility with the installation and where it can be used. Here are some examples of the different lighting requirements for roadway lamps:

Low-speed traffic – A road that has a lower speed limit usually has more interruptions. In this scenario, the driver will be watching the surrounding traffic and objects up close. There may also be pedestrian crosswalks in the area. These residential streets often have shorter poles with longer distances between each pole. These lamps do not have to be as bright and not as much uniformity would be required.

Highways – These roads often have higher poles to light up more lanes of traffic. This lighting needs to be extremely uniform and operate with the most efficiency possible. As well, the distancing between poles is often exceptionally long, which makes uniformity and brightness a must.

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  • Aug 11 2020
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