LED Street Lighting

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LED Street Lighting

Some of the public lighting currently in use on streets consists of conventional lighting like HPS (high-pressure sodium) and MH (Metal halide lamps. While some big cities like Toronto still use conventional lighting, there are many cities such as Brampton, Mississauga and Richmond Hill that have moved to LED lighting. The demand for high-power LEDs to be used for street lighting, however, is continuously growing since these lights provide better control and efficiency and last a lot longer.

The lighting systems in public areas in our cities are a vital service governed by public administrators and city councils. Citizens are expecting high quality lighting that makes the roads safe to travel. City councils also want high quality lighting in these areas but are also concerned about energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

LED Street Lights Benefits

Studies have shown that approximately 30% to 50% of the electricity used to light up streets could be saved by using LEDs instead. This is a substantial savings making LEDs a sustainable and profitable choice. LEDs tick all the boxes in terms of sustainable lighting by meeting the following 3 criteria:

  • Long life cycle of the product
  • Zero maintenance
  • Energy-saving efficiency

Apart from their benefits for the environment, LED streetlights also offer high quality lighting that is better than conventional lighting. Conventional lights emit a hue that can be described as a yellow to orange colour while LEDs emit a consistent and anti-glare lighting with cool white and day light colour temperature.  The cool white light, which measures 5000-5500K on the Kelvin scale, is sent out by LEDs that have a shorter wavelength and this can be adjusted to emit the specific amount of light needed at any time. There is more control over the lighting direction, which helps to reduce glare and uplight (a glow in the sky) while also preventing light spillover where it is not needed. ADHECOGEN Roadway lighting can be customized with different beam angle for lighting direction depending on customer’s project requirements.

Street lighting using LEDs provides the cool or day light with uniformity and with minimal glare. The spectrum emitted by this lighting supports health, safety and visibility.

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  • Sep 29 2020
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