Advanced and sustainable LED lighting systems & related lighting products.

We provide innovative, high-power, energy-efficient and cost-effective Commercial Interior & Exterior LED lighting solutions.

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Energy Savings

LEDs provide more than 50% energy annually, significant savings on maintenance and energy bills. You get 50,000 hours or more if properly engineered over conventional, outdated incandescent bulbs at ~2,000 hours.

Cost Efficient

The fact that LEDs last for such a long time – on average 30 times more than a halogen and 33 times more than an incandescent – means you also save on maintenance, material and production costs.

Eco Friendly

Sustainability is a constant in our projects and initiatives. LEDs don’t contain toxic compounds like mercury. They’re also 100% recyclable. Using LEDs will help you to reduce your carbon footprint by a third.

ADHECOGEN LED Savings Calculator

The energy savings calculator allows you to estimate your annual electricity cost in a straightforward way. This helps you to calculate the money you will save if you switch to LED lighting.

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Street lighting

LED Street & Roadway Lighting

High power, long-lasting Nichia lighting that provides safety and convenience for your surroundings.

Surface Mount LED Flat Panel

Update the look and feel of a work space to boost productivity and at competitive prices, backed by a 7 year warranty.

Commercial lighting Toronto

LED Linear Lighting

Consistent light intensity along a bendable strip, either vertically or horizontally to follow organic shapes in modern architectural concepts.

Dimmable LED Troffer

Delivers a high lumen output, high performance optic system and excellent colour rendering index while minimizing maintenance costs.

LED Solar lighting

LED Solar Powered Roadway Lighting

An “all-in-one” street lighting system equipped with LiFeO4, military grade battery, Bridgelux LEDs and Monocrystalline Solar Panel.

LED 360 Series Lighting

High performance outdoor lighting systems including flood, street, high bay, park, canopy and tunnel lights.

LED Line

Innovative invention in LED lighting that serves as both an art piece and a visual fixture with clean and crisp lighting.

Recessed Mount LED Flat Panel

Sleek design and engineered with external driver for drop-ceiling / T-Bar installation. Backed by a seven year warranty.

LED Roadway Lighting

Green, slim, fully RoHS, self-driven with optional smart-street lighting control system and with built-in photo cell and dimmable options.

Commercial Lighting Solutions

LED Highbay lighting

LED Street & Roadway lighting