LED 360 Series Lighting

The 360 concept is one of the best in overall performance, quality, and remarkable design within the LED industry.

Heat Mangement

Advanced heat management system ensures that the LED lives to expected lifespan. High heat conductive alloy modular stimulates efficient distribution of heat through several heat sink bars. Models include sophisticated airflow systems that use natural ventilation.

Innovative Design

The core concept of the 360 is about flexibility. Interchange any part of the product with ease.vAdd or reduce the number of modules to achieve the desired wattage. If there is a problem with one module bar, it can be easily changed to a new part.

Longer Life, Longer Warranty

We promise the finest quality by offering a 5-year warranty on the 360 LEDs, joined with the Meanwell 5-year warranty on HLG series drivers, and a 10-year warranty on our uniquely designed 360 housing. You can now enjoy a 10 year warranty on our 360 series LED lighting.

LED 360 Series Products

LED 360 Series Lighting, Toronto

360 Wall Pack / Flood Light

Require strong public illumination for industrial and commercial lighting then this LED with special designed thermal management, you can achieve superior system efficiency at least 110 lm/w.

LED Commercial Lighting

360 High Bay Light

Ultra-bright Nichia chips are used for a single LED with efficiency up to 130 lm/w. This is matched with a high efficiency driver up to 94%, PFC > 0.9. Together with the specially designed thermal management, superior system efficiency up to 205 lm/w is achieved.

Outdoor flood lighting

360 Park Light

Our Park Light is equipped with high power Nichia LEDs and a Meanwell driver. When compared with conventional lighting (Metal Halide and HPS). This light provides significant savings up to 70% with the highest luminous Flux 21000 lm.


360 Canopy Light

World class Nichia LED with efficiency up to 140lm/w. Match with high efficiency driver up to 94%, pfc>0.9. Together with the special designed thermal management, achieve superior system efficiency at least 110 lm/w with a 10 year warranty.


360 Tunnel Light

The robust LED Tunnel Light, World class Nichia LEDs, is suitable for use in all tunnel and underpass areas for roadway and railroad applications that promotes safety and efficiency while easing operations and reducing costs.


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360 Wall pack Flood Lighting

360 High bay lighting