Lighting Up the University of Windsor with LED Lights

by Adhecogen

Students at the University of Windsor are noticing a difference at night with brighter and safer lights. New LEDs have been installed on the campus at this university, making it brighter and safer for the students. Many students have remarked that they feel a lot safer with these lights, can see where they’re going and feel more comfortable walking in the dark.

With daylight savings time, this is the time of the year when it gets dark earlier during the day, and many students are required to make their way around campus during evening hours. As a result, the roads within and around Windsor have been given extra lights to create a more inviting place, according to John Coleman, the director of public affairs at the University of Windsor.

A total of 200 LED lights were installed as a part of a recent project. They are located in various areas including the following:

  • Turtle Island walk
  • Centre of the campus
  • River Commons
  • Odette School of business common area

These new lights not only give students more freedom to walk safely around the university but are saving the educational institution approximately $28,000 per year. The university is also saving about 164,000 kW of electricity annually due to the installation of these energy efficient lights. The University of Windsor is also evaluating the amount of LED lights that it will install in the future.

LED lighting offers a variety of options and greater savings than any other lighting sources on the market. They can be used for residential or for commercial settings and are perfect for any public area where brightness and safety is always a concern. Find out more about LED lights at or contact us today at (905) 282-0881 to discover your potential savings by making the switch over to high-efficiency LED lighting.

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  • Jan 17 2018
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